Apple’s iOS reportedly more popular for holiday shopping than Android

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With Apple cranking out iOS devices one after the other, it’s not surprising many are very popular with customers. This holiday season, customers aren’t just buying new iOS devices, but are also buying their other holiday items with their iOS devices. According to a new report from IBM, Apple’s iOS devices are more popular for holiday shopping than Android devices. This isn’t altogether surprising, especially when considering a lot of customers purchase new iOS devices through the Apple Store app and also because the United States is saturated with iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches.

The report mentions that a whopping 23 percent of total online sales on Christmas day in the U.S were made from iOS devices, as compared to the 4.6 percent on Android devices. Online traffic from iOS devices also beat out Android, with 32.6% and 14.8%, respectively.

Further information from the report notes iOS users spent nearly double the amount of money that Android users spent; the average iOS purchase came in at $93.94, as opposed to Android’s average $48.10 per order.

Apple’s iOS devices are key aspects of holiday shopping as plenty of customers now shop online, and Apple’s iPad and iPhone make it much easier to shop. The iPad—which leads the U.S tablet market—is a huge tool for holiday shopping for many consumers, especially as more and more online retailers offer higher discounts than retail stores.

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