Nokia removes Here Maps from App Store, blames Apple’s iOS 7

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Here Maps

Here is something I thought I would never hear; Apple is being blamed for something Nokia developed. It’s an interesting twist, considering Nokia’s initial intention was to expand its user base for its Here Maps application by introducing it on iOS. That seems to have backfired, with Nokia claiming Apple’s iOS 7 harms the user experience (though I can personally attest to the fact that it wasn’t a great one to begin with).

Nokia’s Here Maps app appeared after Apple’s massive Maps fiasco that caused CEO Tim Cook to offer an apology and suggest other mapping alternatives. Here Maps offers several features, including offline caching, voice-guided navigation, and public transportation guidance, though it does seem less reliable to me than Google Maps.

Honestly, this looks like a huge publicity stunt rather than a genuine issue with iOS 7, especially because Nokia has faded into the shadows in terms of mobile phone manufacturing and has never really had a software presence. The company is likely assuming that by pulling the app and using iOS 7 as a scapegoat, they will be able to recoup some of the lost users if they reintroduce it down the road.

Of course, I’m not taking Apple’s side on this issue completely, but this is the first time I’ve seen a company as big as Nokia pull an app and blame the company and mobile platform that helped the application get more users in the first place. Something doesn’t seem right about this whole iOS 7 issue. Neither Apple nor Nokia have yet to comment on this issue to the press or to customers.

Via [AppleInsider]

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  • Mary

    Like the article states Here Maps wasn’t great . When I was looking for a replacement map app I went straight to google maps. I think mapquest is a distant second follow close behind by IOS map.

  • Larry

    Gee, an Apple fanboi site bashes Nokia, not exactly news. The Here app is excellent on Nokia phones, why it sucks on iOS has yet to be determined.

  • Harry Richardson

    Dude. I did use it and it had several bugs and issues. Before becoming an anti Fan Boy Bagger – look up some facts before entering a discussion or noting something news not like a fool.

  • JT

    What kind of moron uses a Nokia phone?

  • Dragon

    Nokia’s maps are still without equal for OFFLINE navigation. It has worked great for years, which is why my wife uses a Windows phone. I love my Nexus 4, and know that Android will run EVERYTHING soon, but there is nothing bad about Nokia phones. People who throw insults just show ignorance.

  • Kirk Hiner

    Without equal? Might want to take a look at Navigon before you make that claim.