Adopted Leather Frame Case for iPhone 5/5s review

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I reviewed a crop of Adopted cases last year, and came away genuinely impressed by their construction and utility. For iPhone users who prefer a little less case and a little more iPhone, Adopted has added the Leather Frame Case, which is a very similar to my favorite Leather Wrap Case, but in a minimalist bumper-style case that features the luxury of leather while still showcasing your iPhone’s design.

Adopted Leather Frame Case

While protective, I found this latest case from Adopted not quite up to the quality of their earlier designs, though it’s still a good looker if you want a more refined bumper.

Barely There

The appeal of the bumper case lies in its simplicity; you get protection for the corners and edges of your iPhone without a bulky case getting in the way of that beautiful Apple logo out back. Adopted took the standard bumper design and upped it with their signature approach to elegant detailing and quality materials. The Leather Frame is just that—it blends a plastic bumper that runs along all four sides of your phone with inlaid leather that feels great to hold and looks great as well. You have a choice of pewter / gunmetal grey or white / gold, and on the inside there are subtle foam pads on all four corners that provide additional bump and drop protection.

Because it’s already so thin, the Leather Frame provides integrated buttons covers for the sleep / power switch and volume buttons on your iPhone (cutouts for these buttons would significantly reduce the surface area of the case). A cutout is provided for the mute rocker switch, and at the bottom there are openings for the headphone and Lightning ports. The microphone and speakers are covered with a grill; in testing I never found them to be a hindrance to either speaking or listening. The bottom portion of the case detaches easily if you need to dock or plug in a non-standard headphone jack, and then snaps back in place quickly when you’re finished.

Scratch That

For all its good looks, I was disappointed by the Leather Frame’s propensity for scratches. The leather looks great even after extensive use, but the metallized plastic frame all too easily acquired scratches that show off the dull black plastic underneath:

Leather Frame case

I had the pewter and gunmetal grey frame, but the difference between the matte black plastic and shiny metallized grey was still very noticeable. I didn’t notice any wear and tear on Adopted’s full cases, so if you want leather but not the dings and scratches, stick with the Leather Wrap Case.

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Provides: iPhone 5/5s bezel and drop protection

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