Apple acquires SnappyLab, developer of burst photo app SnappyCam

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Apple’s acquisitions for 2014 have already begun with the company picking up SnappyLab, the one man team behind the popular burst photo app SnappyCam. SnappyCam is an application on the App Store that allows users to take full-resolution pictures at 20 to 30 frames per second, which is something that Apple could include in its own Camera application in iOS 7.

TechCrunch first reported the acquisition on Saturday, noting that sources tied to the deal give credibility to the rumor. Apple has not confirmed the acquisition and has not released how much it paid for the developer and his technology, but will likely do so in the coming week.

Sources have since affirmed that the company was acquired by Apple, and that there was also acquisition interest “from most of the usual players”, meaning other tech giants. I don’t have details on the terms of the deal, and I’m awaiting a response from Apple, which has not confirmed the acquisition.

The stragic acquisition of an extremely lean, hard technology-focused team (of one) fits with Apple’s MO. It typically buys smaller teams to work on specific products rather than buying big staffs and trying to blend them in across the company.

SnappyLab was founded by John Papandriopoulos who earned an electrical engineering PhD from the University Of Melbourne. Papandriopoulos’ application utilizes technology that is much faster than Apple’s own burst mode in the Camera application. Apple will likely use this developer’s talents to help improve many aspects of the camera, especially because the Cupertino company has been focusing a lot on the iPhone’s camera since the iPhone 4.

Apple has pulled the SnappyCam application from the App Store, which may suggest the company is simply looking to strip the technology and use it instead of improving upon it and retaining the original app. This is something Apple does often, including with Siri which made its way onto the iPhone 4 and, eventually, all other iOS devices.

Read [TechCrunch] Via [AppleInsider]

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  • SK

    Correction: Siri was introduced on the 4S, not the 4.

  • Glen

    So we have just lost support from this great app?