The LaCie Sphère is the coolest external hard drive you’ve ever seen

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LaCie is promoting their new silver-plated LaCie Sphère hard drive—designed by Christofle—by saying it would look great “gracing the table of a 19th Century prince.” Would I be dating myself by saying it would look great carrying a drugged Jennifer Connelly to David Bowie’s dream masquerade ball in Labyrinth? You tell me.

LaCie Sphere

The silver-plated steel Sphère houses a handcrafted 1TB hard drive that connects to a computer with a single USB 3.0 cable that also powers it. A blue LED light illuminates the front of the drive and indicates hard drive status. The drive comes with LaCie’s software suite that features Backup Assistant for easy and automatic backup, Private-Public for password protection, and Eco Mode for energy savings.

LaCie Sphere

But it’s the design that’s going to get all of the attention.

Due to its round shape, the LaCie Sphère requires a careful manual plating process. It is stamped, silver-plated and finally polished for a perfect brightness in Christofle’s silversmith workshop in Yainville (Normandy), France. The highly reflective finish makes the hard drive a decorative piece to accompany any upscale home or office workstation.

Pay attention to “upscale.” The LaCie Sphère starts at $490, and will be available this quarter at the LaCie Online Store, select concept stores, and Christofle retail stores and corners. For more information, visit

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