Rumor: Apple iWatch facing manufacturing hurdles

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iWatch Concept

Image via BusinessInsider

Not too long ago, a report at Digitimes suggested Apple is facing production issues with the alleged iWatch. A new report from The Information is now supporting this claim, clarifying that the manufacturing challenges Apple is facing stem from the iWatch display and the battery. The report also confirms the Digitimes rumor that Apple is facing yield problems due to the body of the device.

Many rumors in the past have suggested the iWatch will come with OLED display, possibly a curved screen. However, the report from The Information suggests Apple is facing troubles determining which screen technology to use in the iWatch because of the battery issues. The report also mentions that a key member of the iWatch team, Bryan James, has left Apple for Nest. James had worked on Apple iPods in the past.

Of course, nothing is official until it comes from Apple itself, and we’re bound to see plenty more rumors before that happens.

Read [The Information (subscription required)] via [MacRumors]

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