Five features we can expect in the rumored Apple iWatch

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iWatch Concept

iWatch concept via Jivaldi

Apple’s iWatch announcement will happen this year, according to rumors; we’ve already seen a number of reports suggesting Apple is already internally testing its new smart watch. With so many reports confirming the possibility of an Apple iWatch, a lot of people have started to wonder what features will be available on the device. So, what can we expect in the new iWatch come the fall? Let’s take a look.

Integration with Home Sharing

One of the best features on Apple’s iOS devices and Macs is Home Sharing. Home Sharing allows users to access their music, videos, and iTunes purchases on any device in their home. I currently have my Mac, iPhone, and Apple TV hooked up so I can access my entire iTunes library and play it directly to my Apple TV and sound system. I can see Apple doing this with the iWatch (if it gets Wi-Fi connectivity), allowing users to add in their iWatch as a main part of their entertainment experience.

Bluetooth Integration/Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth 4.0 has become standard on all iOS devices, so it will not be surprising at all to see the new technology included in Apple’s latest product line. With Bluetooth 4.0, Apple will be able to add in Notifications and other Bluetooth enabled technologies. It’s even possible Apple will create their own Bluetooth headphones, especially if the company adds music capabilities to the iWatch. Bluetooth headphones shouldn’t be impossible as the EarPods are currently shipping with most iOS devices, and introducing a Bluetooth version shouldn’t be too hard for a company like Apple.


As I mentioned with Home Sharing, I can see Apple allowing users the option to sync their music libraries to the iWatch. This would allow for easy listening through Bluetooth headphones and other Bluetooth devices. Apple has already had a bit of practice with the 6th generation iPod nano, where it managed to fit 16GB of storage into a very tiny and slim package. If there was no clip on that iPod, it would have been one of the smallest and thinnest iPods ever created.

Though 16GB usually isn’t enough for the average user’s music library, it might be just enough for them to have a decent music experience on the iWatch. This isn’t a surprising feature, and many are expecting it, but the fact that Apple already has experience with smaller devices and has been working on faster and smaller tech in recent years suggests they can go very far with this new device.

Notification Center

A lot of smart watches released over the past two years have realized that notifications are a huge part of wearing a smart watch. Smartphones are  an important part of our lives, and that is why the iWatch has to be able to connect with a user’s smartphone; that would serve its purpose. Apple would not have introduced the iPad if they didn’t feel it served a purpose, so it naturally makes sense to make sure the iWatch will become a part of our daily lives. With Notification Center integration, Apple will likely allow iMessages, Calendar alerts, and other third part notifications to be pushed directly to the iWatch via low-energy Bluetooth 4.0. Having all of this on your wrist at all times will mean users can take a quick glance at the info on their iPhone, without having to take it out of their pocket every time.

Voice control with Siri

I can’t see Apple adding too many buttons to a device that is meant to be worn on your wrist. The Pebble smart watch doesn’t have more than three buttons, and even Samsung knows they can’t put too many on their bulky Galaxy Gear smart watch, either. So, it’s safe to assume Apple will add very few buttons, if at all. This is why Siri integration is so important for the iWatch, especially for users to be able to play their music, access applications, and get information on the go.

We have yet to see what Apple’s iWatch will look like, let alone how it will function. However, the announcement of the device has been all but confirmed, especially with lots of credible sources commenting on the likelihood of Apple introducing the device.

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  • Kevin Holcomb

    If Apple were truly intelligent they would by PHTL creators of the HOT SMART WATCH. They have a privacy patent on the telephone call part of their smart watch that allows a private call to take place by placing your hand to your ear and cupping it slightly like a telephone. I am a KickStarter project backer for this Smart Watch and I think they have all the other tech companies whipped. Check them out.