ionbank 10K portable battery pack for mobile phones, tablets review

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I’m not sure there’s a company left that doesn’t have some sort of battery pack available for mobile devices. Does Old Spice? Because I’d totally buy an Old Spice battery pack. Put Bruce Campbell at a piano singing “Hungry Like the Wolf” and I’ll pretty much buy anything you’re selling.

Moshi’s ionbank 10K doesn’t need Bruce Campbell, however; it can sell itself on its own merits. This portable battery back for iPhone, iPad, and any USB-compatible mobile device sports a 10,000 mAh lithium-polymer battery that’s capable of powering two devices simultaneously. Use it to fully charge an iPhone multiple times or to add an extra 7 to 8 hours of usage time to your iPad.

ionbank 10K

The modern aluminum and white design of the ionbank 10K fits in well with the current Apple design aesthetic, although it is quite thick. The whole device measures 4.84″ x 3.15″ x 0.98″, so you won’t be slipping it in your pocket. No problem in a backpack, purse or most laptop bags, however. That extra size is need to support the battery and two USB ports.

The dual charging capability (Dynamic Power Sharing technology for optimized charging efficiency of 18 watts across the two outputs, as Moshi describes it) is quite handy. I can use the ionbank 10K to charge both my iPhone and iPad when traveling for expo coverage,  getting extra power for both when on the show floor. More importantly, my kids can plug in the iPad and the iPad mini when both batteries are low during an intense session of Minecraft…if Minecraft sessions can get intense. I’ve never played it.

A push-button battery level indicator is located just to the left of the two USB ports, and that’s pretty much it for buttons or inputs on the entire device. The right hand side has a small opening through which you can run the USB cable for charging the ionbank. The cable itself is only a few inches long, which is good in that it’s easily tucked away inside the bottom of the device, but bad in that it’s make recharging inconvenient. I prefer to recharge battery backs in the USB wall outlet in my kitchen, but the ionbank won’t reach that without hanging above the counter. It’s long enough to reach the back of my iMac, however, and MacBook owners will have an easier time of it, so this is just a minor inconvenience.

The ionbank 10K comes with a somewhat rigid travel pouch that features an extra pocket for your Lightning, 30-pin or USB charging cable. It’s handy to keep all of those together, but note that the pouch will not close around the ionbank or the cable, so it’s best used for keeping them safe in a suitcase.

ionbank 10K

Ultimately, though, what’s important with battery packs is the amount of power they provide and how long they preserve the ability to charge. The ionbank 10K excels in both departments. I tend to neglect battery packs when I don’t need them, but each time I went to grab it for myself or the kids, the charge was high enough to keep us running. And with the power it offers, we were always able to keep multiple devices running when driving to visit grandparents or just seeking more time at home or at the office, making it much easier to waste an evening away watching Bruce Campbell clips on YouTube.

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ionbank 10K portable battery pack review

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Provides: Bluetooth keyboard input and scuff, scratch protection for the iPad air
Developer: Moshi
Minimum Requirements: Any USB compatible rechargeable device
Price: $110.00
Availability: Now

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