Apple will make the iPhone 4 available again in India

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iphone 4 relaunch in India

Despite launching the iPhone 4s, 5, 5c and 5s, Apple has failed to gain significant stronghold in the Indian market. According to The Times of India, Apple is losing sales and market share to rival Samsung, especially in the middle segment of India’s smartphone market. This market segment was the target of the iPhone 5c, but it did not really take off when it was released in India, leaving Apple with no presence in the middle tier of the smartphone market.

So, the solution is to re-introduce the iPhone 4 which—according to the report—is the most popular iPhone model amongst overall smartphone users. Apple will most probably price the iPhone 4 at around $244 via trade-ins.

The problem now is that Apple discontinued the production of the iPhone 4 when the iPhone 5c was released last year. So, what’s going to be released in the Indian market are probably left-over stocks which Apple might source from other countries.

Still, if ample supply of the iPhone 4 is gathered and made available in India, Apple might be able to generate sales enough to boost its market share in the Indian smartphone market.

Via [The Times of India]

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