Google Play movies and TV shows made available for iOS devices

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Google has come a long way on iOS since Apple and the search giant parted ways a couple of years ago. Less than two years ago, Apple removed Google Maps on iOS devices and replaced it with its own mapping solution. Apple also replaced Google Search with Bing in Siri web searches, which only widened the already existing issues between the two companies. Since all of this has happened, Google has started to make plenty of money off of Apple’s App Store by releasing its own applications for iOS.

Now, Google is making Google Play movies and television shows available for iOS devices, much like Amazon’s Instant Video service. Through the iOS application, Google customers can view content but cannot purchase items, only because Apple would get a percentage of each sale. Instead, customers are linked back to Google’s Play Store to purchase items.

The UI and design of the app resemble the Google Play Store app available for Android devices, even though it is being used on Apple’s iOS 7. Google has continued to benefit from Apple’s iOS platform and App Store and is now able to sell content indirectly through the store.

Via [AppleInsider]

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