Tim Cook discusses China Mobile deal in rare CNBC interview

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Tim Cook

On Wednesday morning, Apple CEO Tim Cook made a rare TV appearance on CNBC to discuss Apple’s deal with the largest mobile carrier in the world: China Mobile. China Mobile has over 700 million subscribers and is now going to be selling the iPhone 5s in the country.

The iPhone will go on sale on January 17th, as both Apple and China Mobile announced when the initial deal between the two companies was completed. On Tuesday, a report from WSJ suggested that China Mobile has received nearly 1.4 million iPhones ahead of the official launch and has not negotiated another shipment date with Foxconn.

In his interview with CNBC, Cook discussed the new deal with China Mobile, showing much enthusiasm. Cook complimented China Mobile’s network, saying it was very fast, and added, “We see this as bringing the world’s best smartphone to the very largest and now the fastest network in China.” This latest deal suggests that Apple is very serious about its international expansion, and is enthusiastic about bringing its iPhone to as many countries as possible.

To watch the full interview, head over to CNBC.

Via [AppleInsider]

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