LensPen cleans up its act with Invisible Carbon

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It’s no secret I’m a fan of LensPen’s iDevice screen cleaners—they make the grimy nastiness of my screens disappear in just a few quick swipes. But as I noted in my review of the SideKick iPad screen cleaner (now called the ScreenKlean), the carbon compound that’s so effective at removing fingerprints also has a nasty habit of leaving black smudges on anything that’s not glass, like your fingers or the case on your iDevice. Earlier this month at CES, LensPen upgraded their line of cleaners with LensPen Elite, featuring an invisible carbon compound that promises to offer the same cleaning capability without the imminent danger of smudges.SMK_Elite

The secret to the LensPen cleaning success is the carbon used in its cleaning pads. It absorbs oil completely, so unlike cloths that just move the grime around on your screen, the ScreanKlean and SmartKlear actually take it away. Unfortunately, straight up carbon is about as black as charcoal and is prone to leaving smudges on everything it touches, so using either of these screen cleaners involved a trivial amount of acrobatics to keep the cleaning pad from touching your fingers. Based on the product photos, the new pads look to be white, so using the Elite versions of these screen cleaners should be a lot easier from now on.

In addition to the SmartKlear and ScreenKleen products, the new invisible carbon will also be making it into some of LensPens’ dedicated photographic cleaning tools as well. If you’re a DSLR user and need something to clean your sensor, lenses, or filters, be sure to check out the company’s lineup of photographic cleaners. For iDevice screen cleaning, check out the full product line over at LensPen’s product page.

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