Pad & Quill’s The Sleeve for Macbook Pro/Air 13″ review

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Apple’s Macbook Air is the work of design geniuses (it shows through with the wedge shaped, all-aluminum design), and nothing accents an all-aluminum Macbook more than a culmination of high quality leather, waxed canvas, and wood crafted into an insanely high quality product. Pad & Quill goes above and beyond in developing its products, and The Sleeve for the 13″ Macbook Pro/Air is no different. It builds upon every other product that PQ has to offer, and their quality and craftsmanship never wanes.

Pad & Quill's The Sleeve

The Sleeve comes in two different color and material combinations. One version offers a Charcoal Canvas with Whiskey colored Leather, while the second offers an Olive canvas with a dark chocolate leather.

Design and Usability

The Sleeve from Pad & Quill is one of the best I’ve used so far, especially because of the quality of the materials that are put into this case. I am a sucker for materials like waxed canvas and leather, so I try to get it into as many cases, bags, and sleeves as I possibly can. The design of The Sleeve for MacBook Pro/Air is very simple, as it has one large neoprene-lined pocket to hold your 13″ Macbook and a leather pocket on the front to hold files and other documents, though I can’t see anyone using it as it would cover up the front design of the case. I’ve been using Pad & Quill’s iPhone cases, and I am enjoying having one on my Macbook now as well.

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The back of the case is probably the thing that I like about this sleeve, as it is entirely made out of leather and has a simple wooden insert that has the P&Q logo on it. To me, that means that Pad & Quill isn’t skimping on design and is sure of what the company represents. A small leather flap that goes into a leather loop, securely holding your Macbook in place. This sleeve doesn’t allow the Macbook to fall out, holding it tightly (sometimes a little too much).

The Sleeve works excellently when you place it into your bag, and can protect against slight dings and scratches from your charger and other items. I’m not sure how much drop protection this would offer, though the canvas seems rigid enough to get the job done.

All in all, this case is one of the most beautiful, high quality, and durable Macbook sleeves I’ve ever used, and will be a stunning upgrade for those coming off a standard zip sleeve, as I was.


Pad & Quill’s The Sleeve Macbook Pro/Air case is the perfect companion to your all-aluminum Macbook, which can sometimes feel cold and a bit boring. The leather, waxed canvas, and wood make this an excellent choice for your Macbook’s protection. I highly recommend The Sleeve, especially because Pad & Quill has managed to create a case that rivals other companies in terms of quality materials and price.

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Buy Pad & Quill’s The Sleeve for Macbook Pro/Air 13″

Provides: Macbook portability, scuff/scratch and minor drop protection
Developer: Pad & Quill
Minimum Requirements: 13″ MacBook Pro or MacBook Air
Price: $99.99
Availability: January 20, 2014

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