Pad & Quill Cartella for Macbook Pro 13″ review

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Pad & Quill Cartella

Apple’s MacBook Pro is one of the best laptops Apple has to offer, and with its aluminum design and glass display, you can’t cover it up with just any case. Instead, it requires something like a Pad & Quill Cartella case with its excellent combination of wood and leather. Pad & Quill uses the highest quality leather with a Baltic Birch wood frame to hold the MacBook in place.

The Cartella comes with two outer leather color combinations: bonded whiskey and black colored leather. The interior is matched by colors, so the whiskey exterior comes with an interior in the color of slate gray and forest green. The black leather exterior offers interior colors of deep sea blue and merlot.

Design and Usability

The Cartella is one of the better cases I’ve seen on a Macbook. Even though I’m more of a sleeve person (Pad & Quill’s The Sleeve for the MacBook Air is great), I can see why a lot of people like the Cartella case, as it offers great protection with style. I think that the best part of this case is the fact that the MacBook Pro doesn’t need to be taken out of the case in order for it to be used. Users can simply put the flap behind the Birch cradle and use the included elastic closure to hold it back.

Pad & Quill Cartella

Pad & Quill makes the Cartella in a book bindery in St. Paul so you really get an authentic feel from the case, much like holding a large bound book with a leather cover. One thing that does scare me is the possibility of the Macbook popping out and breaking if it were dropped with the case. This case is great for scratch protection, as the outer leather will get a nice patina, but it may not be the best option should you drop your Macbook by mistake.

The Cartella has cutouts for access to all ports and I/O on the computer, including the Magsafe 2 connector for charging. I think this is great as it will allow users to charge their computers even when the flap is closed or when they are using it like a laptop stand. Pad & Quill has made yet another excellently designed case, but I think that if I was to use it long term, I might start missing the thin design of the MacBook as I prefer thinner sleeves and cases.


Pad and Quill’s use of high quality materials is what makes its cases an excellent companion for your MacBooks and iOS devices. I think many of their cases are great for a stylish way to carry around your  laptop, but drop protection may be a concern. Even so, I highly recommend this case for the MacBook Pro, especially if you care about design, usability, and simplicity in a case.

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Buy the Cartella for MacBook Pro

Provides: Macbook portability, scuff/scratch and minor drop protection
Developer: Pad & Quill
Minimum Requirements: 13″ MacBook Pro or 11/13″ MacBook Air
Price: $89.99 to 99.99
Availability: Now

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