Seido Dilex with Metal Kickstand case for iPhone 5/5s review

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Seidio Dilex case with kickstand

The Seido Dilex case by  is odd beastie. The packaging pitches it as an “active” case for running and exercising, with “go out and play” printed across the back of the box several times. It features drop protection in its two-part shell, but also has a kickstand. So you can, I guess, watch movies while running? So how does it function in the real world?

The Dilex’s twin parts are a soft silicone shell that slips onto the iPhone, along with a hard metal case that snaps on to the corners and sides. The design, we’re told, is to provide shock protection on drop points while also giving a non-slip grip in the hand.

The silicone is very elastic; at every point where it’s not clamped down by the metal case, it can be easily stretched away from the phone, allowing you to have physical access to all the covered buttons (power, volume), and greater access to the audio jack, should your headphones need more room. It also gives the case a slightly squishy feel, kind of like a stress ball. There’s a lip around the face to keep it off the surface if you lay your iPhone face down.

The metal kickstand is magnetized and has a satisfying “snap” as it folds in and out of the case. Placed on a coffee table, it allows you to watch videos at a comfortable angle, or even use the front-facing Facetime camera, provided you don’t have a problem with looking down at your camera.

Seido sells a version of this case with a holster, which might make it easier to use this case for exercise. As it is, it makes for good shock-drop protection with a no-slip grip. The brushed metal surface is elegant rather than distracting, and for people who watch a lot of video or do videoconferencing, the metal kickstand is a nice touch.

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Provides: Scuff, scratch and drop protection for the iPhone 5/5s
Developer: Seido
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 5/5S
Price: $34.95
Availability: Now

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