MemoZy for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch review

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Korea-based developer DesignPlusD recently announced MemoZy 3.0.7, an update to their memo pad app for iOS devices. MemoZy (the name is derived from the words “memo” and “easy”) is a gesture-controlled app that allows users to categorize and organize tasks, notes, ideas, and to-do lists quickly and with a minimum of bother.


MemoZy’s interface consists of customizable Windows 8-style blocks or tiles that are accessed, edited, and moved by tapping and dragging. Each block has its own title and color, and the homepage displays how many notes are in each tiled category.

There are nine different six-color themes that can be selected in the Settings pop-up, as well as the option of either “paper” texture or plain backgrounds. MemoZy can also print and send notes via email and Evernote. Unfortunately, there is no Dropbox linking support.

Menus are activated by simple finger gestures instead of buttons.


To create a new tile/block category, users can swipe anywhere on the screen and a new block will appear. MemoZy adapts the sizes of the blocks to accommodate the number showing on the homepage.


Anytime you have an idea, address, phone or other number you want to save—or list you need to create and modify as necessary—MemoZy is quick and simple to access with a minimum of bother or disruption of your workflow.

Within each tiled block, more memos can be added by simply tapping the screen. To change the positioning of an memo, you simply tap-and-drag it to a new location. Memos can be deleted or marked as completed by swiping either right or left, respectively. The subtask feature allows more thorough organization of memos by highlighting the memo specified. It’s very easy to move tiles around, re-order lists, and so forth.


When users prefer a more detailed report, MemoZy supports a “TimeLine” feature that lists each category and the date and time it was created. Users can also backup/restore their data and sync with other iOS devices, and, as noted, MemoZy has the ability to print and send notes via email and Evernote.

Using MemoZy is pretty intuitive once you get the drift. There is also an interactive tutorial that walks you through the basic concept and use of gestures. At first it seemed the tutorial would only work in portrait mode on my iPad, but in a subsequent re-run it shifted to landscape orientation with no problem.


The user interface is attractive (at least if you like Windows 8’s appearance) and it’s quite functionally efficient in a touchscreen context. MemoZy is quick even on my old iPad 2, and I’ve encountered no bugginess so far.

I’m giving MemoZy a 4 out of 5 rating. Add Dropbox support, and 5 out of 5 might be in reach, but in this early going I’ll stay conservative. If you could use a slick-looking and working lists, notes, data and outlines app, MemoZy is well worth checking out, and the price is right.

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MemoZy Review

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Category: Productivity
Seller: DesignPlusD
Requirements: iOS 6.0 or later
Compatibility: iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
File Size: 31MB
Version Reviewed: 3.0.7
Price: Free
Age Rating: 4+

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