Apple offering iPhone 5c screen replacements in retail stores

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iPhone 5c

Apple is now officially offering iPhone 5c screen replacements in its retail stores, a service previously limited to the iPhone 5. Apple began fixing screens in-store with the iPhone 5 in June of 2013. The company either replaces the screens under the standard one year warranty, AppleCare, or, if the customer pays out of pocket, the company will typically take less than an hour to replace the screen. If customers are not covered by AppleCare+, they can opt to pay a $149 fee to get the screen repaired. Before starting the in-store repairs, the fee for repairing screens was $229 because Apple had to send the iPhones to a repair center and then send them back to the retail store.

As Apple begins to manufacture more units of the iPhone 5c, they are slowly beginning to offer more services for it in-store. It is interesting to note that only the iPhone 5 and 5c are available for in-store repair, both of which carry the same internals along with the same screen. The iPhone 5s and 4S are currently not able to be repaired in-store, and, as a result, are sent off to a repair center. In-store screen replacements not only save Apple money, but also save the customer plenty of waiting time; an important service considering the iPhone is something people use everyday.

Via [MacRumors]

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