Blackguards demo now available to Mac and PC gamers [updated]

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Blackguards Naurim

[January 22nd Update: Blackguards will now be available for purchase on January 23rd, one day earlier than its scheduled release on the 24th.]

Daedalic Entertainment’s Blackguards will get its official release on January 24th, but you needn’t wait that long to play it. The game’s first chapter is now available as a free demo, bringing with it the finalized game features and advanced character creation missing from the Steam Early Access. The free demo is available to both Mac and PC gamers.

If you have been playing the Steam Early Access version (as have I), no need to worry about starting over to take advantage of the new options: players can use save games they created while playing the free demo in the full game.

For those who don’t yet know what it’s all about:

What if the only remaining hope of a world is not a company of virtuous heroes, but instead a bunch of outcasts and criminals?

Blackguards will answer this very question. The player takes on the role of a convicted murderer, accompanied by a group of no less dubious characters.

They may spare the world its grim fate, but their good deeds are neither acts of kindness nor heroism, but according to their roguish nature rather a result of their attempts to save their own hides.

Staying alive is a feat of its own, since not only the long arm of the law wants their heads, but there are also other, mysterious powers with much more sinister intentions on their trail. As if all this wasn’t enough, Aventuria’s south is crawling with dangerous beasts and monsters…

Blackguards is a turn-based RPG with strategic combat and combines the studio’s high standards of storytelling and unique characters with thrilling action and an elaborate 3D environment.

Challenging quests lead the player through a dark story of doubt, treachery and loss.

A download of the demo can be found at the following links. They web pages in German, but the demo is universal:

Blackguards’ will officially release on January 24th, 2014. The Standard Edition will be available for US$39.99/ €39.99/ RUR699/ £29.99 and the Blackguards Collector’s Edition for US$ 59.99/ €59.99/ RUR999/ £44.99. For more information, visit

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