Apple celebrates 30 years of Macintosh history

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Apple Mac Classic
30 years ago, Steve Jobs introduced the Macintosh. To celebrate, Apple created a timeline highlighting each of those years. Each year talks about how a famous musician, doctor, artist, teacher, or entrepreneur used the Macintosh to do things others thought impossible. It then mentions which Macintosh was released that year and how people used it in their own lives. You can tell Apple how you used your first Mac by answering a short survey.

Happy Birthday, Mac

In 1984, Apple introduced the world to Macintosh.

It was designed to be so easy to use that people could actually use it.

And it came with a promise — that the power of technology taken from a few and put in the hands of everyone, could change the world.

That promise has been kept.

Today, we create, connect, share, and learn in ways that were unimaginable 30 years ago.

Imagine what we can accomplish in the next 30 years.

In addition, Apple CEO Tim Cook, senior vice president of software engineering Craig Federighi, and vice president of software technology Bud Tribble appeared on World News with Diane Sawyer where they answered questions ranging from Apple’s culture, to the new sapphire manufacturing plant in Arizona, to the rumored iWatch and more. Watch a preview of the interview at ABC News.

Explore more Macintosh history at Apple’s 30 Years of Macintosh site.

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  • Elena Longsworth

    Happy Birthday Mac! I first used a Mac at my brother in law’s house in Santa Cruz County, not far from Silicon Valley. He worked for Apple in the early days and brought home the computer which his wife, my sister, taught me how to use– literally in 5-10 minutes. It was so simple and elegant! I was a Registered Nurse and had gone back to school at UC Santa Cruz and John F. Kennedy University for a Masters in Psychology. I had to do lots and lots of papers for school. The Mac was sooooo easy to figure out and using word processing was far superior to typing. Previously I had always handwritten out my papers and paid someone to type them at $1.00 a page! My sister and I referred to select, cut and paste as “chocolating this out”. It was so totally revolutionary! I loved it! I couldn’t afford a Mac of my own while I was in school (this was early days before all the student programs to own a Mac) but went to their place to do all my papers. I did lose an entire project once, not being in the “saving” habit. That never happened again! I got one of those system bombs with the icon of the little black bomb and chain and had to redo the whole paper. But it wasn’t that bad on the Mac. Finally we got one of our own and my two young sons were as thrilled as my husband and I. We had to take turns on it and early on you could only have one web page up at a time… We have always had a Mac since, usually the latest model. In my workplace I was promoted to supervisor and had to use a PC for collecting data and doing presentations, staff evaluations, report writing etc. It was torture to use the PC (which I always thought of as the “Piece of Crap”…) after the ease and grace of the Mac. Truly no comparison to the Mac! Over the years I can honestly say my life has been enriched by being on a Mac. Our sons got them as birthday and graduation gifts! I have an iPhone, an iPad, and a Mac Book Pro and I take all three of them with me almost everywhere I go, especially out of town. I love Apple products and will always be true blue to Apple as you guys are the absolute best… Thank you for making such an excellent product and for keeping to your high standards, right down to your classy, enjoyable commercials. (They are truly the only commercials I ever watch!). I hope you continue to keep to Steve Job’s vision of simplicity, utter usefulness and one of my favorite phrases of all time “user friendly”. Good luck in the future and many thanks for a life made better by your work…