Google notifies users that Gmail bug may have deleted some emails

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Google’s Gmail service is usually very reliable, though it does have its moments when there are outages, glitches and other bugs. On Wednesday, Google notified some of those who use Gmail via the iOS app, mobile web, or offline that the service contains a bug that mistakenly deleted some emails. It didn’t permanently delete them, but simply removed some emails from the Inbox and other places and dropped them in the Trash folder. Google does clearly state that not all users were affected.

The company notes that the issue has since been fixed, and only affected emails between January 15-January 22. In addition, Google recently experienced an outage that affected 10% of its users. These bugs and outages are concerning, especially because a lot of companies and other institutions use Gmail and Google Drive to complete their daily activities. A lot of colleges and universities have also been warning students that their mobile Gmail on iOS may have been affected by the bug and urged users to check their Trash folders for emails they did not want to delete.

One thing is for sure, I will be thoroughly checking my Trash, Inbox, and Spam folders to ensure my emails are permanently deleted, as Gmail clears the Trash folder every 30 days.

Via [The Verge]

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