Swiftkey Note note-taking app makes its way to the App Store

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Swiftkey NoteWhen I saw Swiftkey Note in the App Store, the first thing that came to mind was a keyboard application. Why? Because SwiftKey is a keyboard application for Android devices that was quite successful in the Google Play Store. However, Swiftkey Note is not a keyboard application, but a nicely developed note-taking app that’s available for iOS devices.

Swiftkey Note uses the same predictive keyboard technology as the one found inside the Android app, but it only works within the application, allowing users to seamlessly create notes on their iOS devices. It also gives users the ability to create instant backups of their notes to Evernote, and can save the notes to any specific notebook you’ve already created. Unfortunately, users can only edit notes which were created using the application.

The application is available free of cost, and comes with multilingual support, including US and UK English, US and ES Spanish, German, FR and CA French, and Italian.

Head over to the App Store and download the free Swiftkey Note for your iOS device.

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