MLB utilizing iBeacon technology in ballparks on opening day

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Baseball is about to get very high tech, with Major League Baseball preparing to install thousands of iBeacons in 20 ballparks in the U.S. as early as next week. MLB is preparing for its opening day games in March so it can provide customers a great mobile experience while they are moving about the stadium. I find it very interesting, but I’m approaching this with some doubt because I’ve noticed that my 3G ad 4G LTE starts cutting out as soon as I enter CitiField or Yankee Stadium in New York City.

iBeacon is a system that is connecting a lot of customers with businesses in a way we’ve never had before. With smartphones in the hands of most customers, it is a very smart move for a lot of larger businesses. As for the ballparks, it seems they will each have a choice as to what they would like to offer customers, and it is even possible they will continue to use the At the Ballpark iOS app.

This will allow customers to receive coupons, offers, and other promotions directly to their smartphones. Currently, Apple uses iBeacon technology in over 250 of their retail stores across the United States. The MLB iBeacons will be provided by Qualcomm, and this marks the largest roll-out to date (though a new record may be set if major retail chains such as Walmart or Target begin using the technology).

Via [AppleInsider]

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