A few weekend Mac, iPhone and iPad game sales for you

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The Big Game is less than 24 hours away, and by “Big Game,” I mean Super Bowl. Marketers and developers aren’t allowed to use the term “Super Bowl” to sell their products, but I’m not selling anything; I’m simply reporting on a few Mac, iPhone and iPad game sales going on this weekend, which, coincidentally, happens to be the same weekend as the Super Bowl. If you’re not into that big game, you may be into these littler ones.

First off, to celebrate reaching one billion play sessions, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is offering free in-game credits for Injustice: Gods Among Us. The iOS app is free, and now you can get some free credits, too. Enjoy it before Ben Affleck and Jesse Eisenberg ruin this one, too!

If super heroes aren’t your thing, 2K has a rather impressive list of iOS games on sale through February 3rd in honor of the Chinese New Year. Is this the year of the Pirate or the year of the Enemy Unknown?

And finally, Mac gamers can get their fill of titles for Daedalic, with plenty of adventure games seeing some crazy price reductions in the Mac App Store.

There’s something here for pretty much everyone on pretty much every platform, so get to downloading.

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