Apple lawsuit wrap-up for January 2014

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Apple lawsuitHere are the lawsuits, both big and small, that happened in January 2014.

  • Hilltop Technology LLC is suing all of Apple’s products that use a capacitive type touch panel, including the iPad Air, over Patent 7,864,503 entitled “Capacitive type touch panel.”
  • Rembrandt Patent Innovations LLC and Rembrandt Secure Computing LP are suing all “Apple’s servers and other Apple electronic devices that support iTunes functionality, and any Apple electronic devices configured or adapted to operate with Apple’s iPhone OS or iOS” over Patent 7,864,503 entitled “Secure and reliable bootstrap architecture.”
  • Apple reached a settlement with the FTC to issue refunds to parents whose children made in-app purchases without their permission. However, as Tim Cook’s letter to employees states, Apple had already refunded everyone and tried to make things right before the FTC got involved.
  • Red Pine Point, a non-practicing entity, is suing both Apple and Magnolia (a movie distributor) over Patent 8,424,048 (Portable electronic device for receiving and playing feature length movies) and Patent 8,521,601 (Marketing and selling feature length movies over networks). Red Pine Point claims that being able to buy, download, and watch movies before they’re in movie theaters violate their patents.
  • Apple has earned a reprieve from their e-book monitor as they pursue a formal appeal.
  • Adam Christensen, Jeffrey Scolnick, and William Farrell filed a class-action lawsuit against Apple in Boston, Massachusetts claiming their personal information was requested at Apple Stores to purchase items which is against Massachusetts law. Furthermore they accuse Apple of selling that information without compensation.
  • Melissa Pettignano wrote Suzanne Lantana: A Collection of Short-Stories, Fiction and Non-Fiction and is suing Apple, Amazon, Google, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo for selling the e-book version of the book without her permission.
  • Cellular Communications Equipment LLC is suing Apple and the wireless carriers who sell iPhones with five patents.
  • Apple Rus, Apple’s Russian distribution arm, is suing the customs agency over changing their customs code. Until 2013 Apple Rus didn’t pay any duties on imported iMacs because they claimed them as “industrial equipment necessary for knowledge-based economic development.” Then a few months ago their category was changed to all-in-one computers and laptops which has a customs duty of 6%.
  • Innovative Display Technologies is using seven patents with the title “Light emitting panel assemblies” to sue Apple over all products that have an LCD.
  • Apple and Samsung will try to settle their differences in a meditation session on February 19th. If they can’t come to an agreement then they’ll go to court in March 2014. One of the major impediments to coming to an agreement may be Apple’s insistence on including an anti-cloning provision.
  • Samsung avoided any punishment over claims it had read documents pertaining to an agreement between Apple and Nokia.
  • Judge Lucy Koh found Samsung’s patent on multimedia synchronization invalid and Samsung’s Android-based devices infringe an Apple patent on word recommendations.
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