Kynez Cazlet wallet case for iPhone 5/5s review

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There are a lot of cases out there that allow you to store your cash and credit cards, but there aren’t too many iPhone cases out there that allow you to store your entire wallet alongside your iPhone. The Cazlet from Kynez uses a design I’ve never seen before because it allows you to slide your iPhone in on one side, and has a separate zippered wallet, fastened by a super strong YKK zipper, on the other.

Cazlet wallet case

The Cazlet wallet case comes in four different size options because it is also supports European bills and U.S bills. There are two different types of each: a TIF (Touch ID Friendly) version and an HBS (Home Button Sheltered) version. Both versions are available in koala and dingo color options (named after the Australian animals, of course).

Design and Usability

One thing I found interesting about the Cazlet are the materials Kynez used in this case. Each case uses a Nubuck leather with a Cordura nylon on the outside, so you know it’s durable enough to protect your  iPhone if you drop it by mistake. The case doesn’t look too bad, though the koala color isn’t my favorite; I think most people will prefer dingo a bit more because of its naturally bright color. all_in_one_CAZLET_US_TIF_DINGO@2x

The iPhone fits right into the front window, and the entire bottom is open for each access to the Lightning port, headphone jack, and speaker/mic. There is also an opening for the earpiece, FaceTime camera and light sensors on the iPhone. On the wallet side, there is room for up to 20 U.S. bills, four cards, a SIM card, a SIM eject tool (included with the case), and even a cleaning pad.

I didn’t like that there is no way for you to take rear facing images, which makes this case unusable for photography. Our review unit was the HBS version of the Cazlet, so I was unable to use Touch ID with the case on.

In terms of usability, the case was a bit too bulky for me and I didn’t really like the idea of having my wallet and my iPhone in the same pocket. I normally place my wallet in the right pocket and my iPhone in my left pocket for easy access, but I think this case will be perfect for people who like to throw their iPhones in their backpack. Other than the bulkiness, I think that Kynez’s use of space is excellent, especially for all of the things you can pack into such a small package.


With the Cazlet wallet case for iPhone 5/5s, Kynez has carefully considered placement of each individual detail inside of the wallet and the iPhone section. However, I think that somehow adding rear camera functionality would make this case a lot more useful.

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Buy the Cazlet wallet case for iPhone 5/5s

Provides: Wallet functionality and scuff/scratch and drop protection
Developer: Kynez
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 5/5s
Price: $39.00 USD
Availability: Now

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  • Justin

    This one looks much better and is more functional than Waterfield iPhone wallet which let you see through the phone screen but you can’t talk and type properly, charging and Facetime are also out the question. However they do have one common – lack of rear camera.

  • Abbi

    Both Cazlet and Waterfield iphone wallet are designed to be a wallet with a function of phone carrier. From this perspective, Cazlet is indeed far more superior to Waterfield. At least Cazlet allows you to do almost everything on the phone except the instant photoshooting with rear camera, which doesn’t bother me if it can be taken out easily.

  • Lars

    I don’t like to keep all my stuffs in one place. So if you loose your phone you loose your wallet too 😀 Waterfield Finn wallet allows you keep your iPhone separate from the wallet occasionally, so it is a Plus.

  • George

    It is a very functional wallet :-)