Bloomberg weighs in on Apple TV rumors

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According to a new report from Bloomberg, Apple is gearing up to introduce a new Apple TV in April (not March, as previously rumored), with the aim to have it ready for launch by the holidays. It’s been speculated that Apple’s making big changes to the new Apple TV, especially because there hasn’t been a major update to the device since the second generation introduced back in September of 2010. The Bloomberg report notes that Apple is also negotiating with content providers such as Time Warner Cable to provide TV shows and other content for the device.

The fourth generation Apple TV is expected to receive a new processor (likely the A7 chip currently found in most iOS devices) as well as a new UI that will resemble iOS 7. I think Apple may finally introduce folders to the Apple TV software, especially because they have been adding so many channels and so much content that the home screen is getting very disorganized. To get to an app at the bottom of the screen takes several clicks, which can get frustrating.

An App Store is now also very likely, as Apple currently has them for both iOS and the Mac. If Apple chooses to make the Apple TV a main part of Apple’s device line-up, it will have to create an App Store to provide users with more media on their devices.

Earlier in the week, new Apple TV references began showing up in iOS 7 builds, suggesting Apple is, in fact, working on introducing a new device later this year. As for a deal with Time Warner, Apple is reportedly close to confirming a deal which would allow for a huge amount of media to be brought over to the Apple TV. This would be great for TWC customers like myself who currently have multiple sources for media and entertainment, as it would synchronize and simplify the process greatly.

Via [MacRumors]

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