Possible iPhone 6 prototype images surface

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iPhone 6

We’ve covered many iPhone 6 rumors in recent months, but this latest one seems to be the most legitimate. Earlier today, a number of images leaked by an anonymous Twitter user showed what may be the rumored iPhone 6. The images feature a device that looks like a fifth generation iPod touch with a larger iPhone display.

When I initially saw the images, I thought that it was a prototype for a future iPod touch. But the larger screen, Touch ID, and dual-LED suggests this might, in fact, be an iPhone 6 prototype. Australian writer Sonny Dickson also shared the images and noted they were initially from someone in China who claimed they are images of the rumored iPhone. There is the possibility of the prototype being a fake because there are no cutouts for a piece of glass or plastic where an antenna would go.

iPhone 6

There are also no antennas along the outer edges of the device, usually signified by the small black lines that have been on the iPhone since the iPhone 4.

Soon after the images were leaked, an analysis of the screen at Virtual Pants revealed that it is 5.25 inches in diagonal length, which is in line with rumors suggesting the iPhone 6 is to receive a larger screen. The images also show the bezel-free display that was rumored, with the screen going from edge to edge and panning across the  2.6 inch width of this prototype.

The iPhone 6 is also rumored to be receiving a new A8 chip, a 10 megapixel camera with an  f/1.8 aperture, a sapphire glass display, and better LED backlighting. These images look pretty realistic and show what a larger screened iPhone might look like when Apple releases it later this year. Until then, all we have are rumors and leaked images which we’ll continue to pay close attention to as they come out.

Via [MacRumors]

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