Apple to discontinue iPad 2 after three years in market

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ipad2-140213-3Apple’s iPad 2 may finally be going the way of previous flagship products in the company’s iOS device lineup. After three years on the market, Apple is finally winding down production and is looking to discontinue the iPad 2. Introduced by Apple in 2011, the iPad 2 featured a camera and FaceTime compatibility, and also sported a radically thin design, something that other competing tablets at the time hadn’t yet received.

When Apple introduced the third-generation iPad with Retina display, they continued to sell the iPad 2 at $399, and even continued selling it when they introduced the iPad Air in 2013. It made sense for Apple to continue selling the iPad 2 because the newly introduced iPad mini was using the same cameras and processor. The company is now phasing out the device because the second generation iPad mini has much better cameras and the A7 chip for the $399.

Many consumers are now beginning to go for the higher resolution iPads introduced late last year, though the iPad 2 was very popular with educational institutions as it offered a cheaper device that still compatible with the 30-pin dock connector. As Apple phases out its old legacy iPad 2, it leaves behind the A5 chip, 30 pin dock connector, and non-Retina display, moving ahead to the A7 and possibly even the A8 chip in future devices.

Via [AppleInsider]

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