Appidemic: Monkey Mofo for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

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Because we all remember our first monkey…

Monkey Mofo

No lead is required, but you will have to personally guide your monkey around to collect fruit. Just keep him away from the other pedestrians.

What is it?

Monkey Mofo is a cross between a puzzle game and a movement management game. You have to figure out how to navigate the grid to collect your fruit all the while avoiding contact with the other characters. As a bonus, you can use your direction commands to control the other pedestrians on the game grid to help keep them away from your monkey.

Monkey Mofo

Collect all the fruit, hearts for health, stars for points, etc. Don’t forget to collect all the fruit before trying to exit the level or it will cost one monkey life. There is a fruit counter at the top of the screen to let you know when you are done (not all fruit appears at the start of the round). Your monkey will keep moving and will turn right at any place he can’t keep moving forward.

How does it work?

The main method of play is a quick, short tap and swipe to indicate on which square you want to place a direction indicating arrow and in which direction you want it to point. Don’t try to move slowly and carefully as this seems to tell the game you want to move the center of the picture.

Monkey Mofo

There are a couple of old school magnifying glass icons on the left for zooming in and out (no two-finger swipe). The graphics are cartoonish and bit reminiscent of the old Mario school. The background music is a fairly innocuous Caribbean mix (not quite Calypso).

Is it contagious?

The game has over 180 levels so it can keep you busy for quite a while. The small iPhone / iPod Touch screens are a bit touchy for this particular game; I had several missed commands on the small screen which led to a dead monkey (a bit frustrating).

For those who like the genre, Monkey Mofo seems to be a good offering. For those on the fence, it’s only okay. The tutorials could be a bit better and considering the $4.99 price tag, I would suggest you consider well before clicking on the “Buy” button for this one.

Category: Games
Seller: Lucky Red Fish
Cost: $4.99
Buy: Monkey Mofo

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