Mujjo Double-Layered Touchscreen Gloves review

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Mujjo Double-Layer Touchscreen Gloves

It’s rare that I think about gloves. I grew up in Ohio, and whereas that’s not the coldest area of the country, it certainly seems like it your house is heated by a Buck Stove and your dad lets the fire run out at night. As such, I’ve grown accustomed the cold. I like it. When this Polar Vortex brought it’s negative digit weather our way this year, I found it invigorating.

But I’m not a fool, and I know the importance of dressing warmly when I’m out shoveling the drive, beaming my kids with snowballs, or even just driving to work. I also know the importance of keeping my hands warm even when I need to take a call, send a text, or play some Icycle: On Thin Ice on my iPhone. So, to keep my hands warm while using my iPhone, I look to the Netherlands and the Mujjo Double-Layered Touchscreen Gloves.

The product name gives away the advantage of these gloves. Unlike Mujjo’s knitted Touchscreen Gloves, the Double-Layered Touchscreen Gloves feature a wool lining for extra insulation. Aside from making them warmer, the wool also makes them more comfortable to wear, although the inner layer can sometimes bunch up as you’re putting them on.

The outer layer provides the touchscreen functionality across the entire glove. You’re not relegated to just two specially constructed fingertips here; the entire glove is interwoven with silver-coated nylon fibers to provide conduction.

Mujjo Double-Layer Touchscreen Gloves

So, you can use any part of the hand on your touchscreen device, except for the palms; they feature silicon grip dot patters than provide a better grip on your device. It’s an important addition, as the knitting would otherwise make it very easy for the phone to slide from your grip. The extra bulk of the gloves makes it harder to compose messages and play games, of course, but you get used to it. After a while, I found I was more accurate than I thought I would be while wearing them.

Mujjo Double-Layer Touchscreen GlovesThe Mujjo Double-Layered Touchscreen Gloves also feature a leather strap that snaps closed over the back of the wrist, adding a sophisticated visual touch and helping them stay secure on your hand. However, I found the fit to be a bit off. The pinky finger is way too high, causing them to either fit oddly or bunch up on the outside of my hand if I pulled them down. They do stretch nicely, but they have to at only three sizes: S/M, M/L and XL.

Also, the outer knitting has frayed a bit on me in the month that I’ve owned them. Not too badly, though; they don’t look as if they’re about to come unravelled. I attributed this to the gloves getting caught on the Velcro of my winter coat, but I bought a pair of these for my brother, too, and he says the same is happening to him without the help of Velcro.

Still, the excellent touchscreen compatibility and the extra warmth provided by the Mujjo Double-Layered Touchscreen Gloves make them a worthwhile purchase at $33.70 (current exchange rate). They’re not the kind of gloves you’d want for extended outdoor use below freezing, but for general outdoor activity, they’ll make sure the Polar Vortex doesn’t come between you and your tweets when you’re enjoying a clear but cold winter’s day.

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Mujjo Double-Layered Touchscreen Gloves review

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Product: Touchscreen compatible wool insulated gloves
Developer: Mujjo
Minimum Requirements: Hands, cold weather
Price: $33.70
Availability: Varies based on size

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