Room 8 releases rampaging robots in Riot Runners

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Riot Runners

Riot Runners has had a soft launch in Germany and Canada, where it was highlighted as the #2 title in the New Arcade and Action Games list. It also won the Best Game In Show Audience Award at the 2013 Indie Prize Ceremony. And now, you finally get to play it! Room 8 Studio has released an improved Riot Runners in the U.S. App Store.

Riot Runners is a side scroller / endless runner hybrid in which robots race towards freedom from their evil masters. The atmospheric steampunk visuals highlight  uniquely evolving in-game elements and diversely designed robots to play with.

Best of all, each unique robot hero comes complete with their own unique super-powers! These elements set Riot Runners apart from its competition. Everything from backdrops, to obstacles and enemies evolve. New in-game elements pop up, while obstacles grow different and increasingly more dangerous! Luckily players can customize their robot heroes and enhance their abilities.

There’s more to Riot Runners than dynamic arcade fun. There are wildly fun daily missions to keep everyone engaged too. Dodging saws and gears while keeping out of reach of evil enslaving masters isn’t just a blast with Riot Runner’s, its the best new arcade addiction that’s at your fingertips.

Other features include:

  • Customizable robots, offering unique game mechanics
  • Increasing difficulty from easy to bone-breaking (yours, I assume, as robots don’t have bones)
  • A highly immersive audio-visual experience
  • Facebook and Game Center leaderboards

Riot Runners is available now for $0.99 (with in-app purchases) in the App Store.

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