WaterField Designs Outback Solo for iPad Air review

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What I’ve learned about the iPad is that the methods of carrying it around are almost as diverse as the methods of using it. There are cases that let you carry it like a laptop, cases that let you carry it with a laptop, sleeves, smart covers…what do you need? If you want a minimal but rugged case that also provides just enough room for your iPhone and a couple accessories, then WaterField Designs would like you to explore the Outback Solo for iPad Air.

The exterior of the Outback Solo is made of waxed canvas that feels and looks like it’s seen a couple tours of duty before you even open it. That’s a compliment, believe me. The top opening is covered by a premium leather flap that latches in place with a magnetic button on the front. The magnet is quite strong, so no worries about it popping open when you don’t want it to.

Outback Solo for iPad Air

The front of the case features two small pockets—one that’s just the size for an iPhone, and another that can hold the charger and lightning cable for your iPad Air. My iPhone is in an Esoterism Embrace-5 aluminum bumper, and although it widens a bit at the bottom, it still fits into the pocket. You’ll have no worries about the phone sliding out if the flap is shut.

Outback Solo for iPad Air

The inside of the Outback Solo is lined with neoprene to provide a soft, cushy lining for your iPad. The fit is snug enough that you’ll need to consider which Outback Solo model you want; one to accommodate a naked iPad or with a Smart Cover only, and another to accommodate larger third-party cases. If the latter, make sure your case isn’t silicone or the like, as their texture will make it difficult to slip the iPad into the Outback Solo.

Outback Solo for iPad Air

One other item to consider when selecting your Outback Solo is whether you want to spend an additional $19 to get the shoulder strap. That’ll depend upon how you use the case, of course. If you need just your iPad Air and iPhone, get the strap and you’re out the door. If you need more and will be slipping the Outback Solo into a laptop bag or backpack, the strap will not be necessary.

No matter which way you go, the Outback Solo for iPad Air is another quality design from WaterField, made with the level of craftsmanship you’ve come to expect from them. It’s not the most functional bag out there, but for minimalists or those who just want to look rugged, it’s about as good as it gets.

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Outback Solo for iPad Air review

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Provides: iPad protection and transportation
Developer: Waterfield Designs
Minimum Requirements: iPad
Price: $89
Availability: Now

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