Twelve South releases Compass 2 iPad stand

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Compass 2

It seems like it’s been a while since we’ve seen a new product from Twelve South, but those of us who get a lot of use out of our iPads will be happy with their latest announcement.

Compass 2The Compass 2 iPad stand is a totally redesigned version of the original Compass stand, retooled with new dimensions optimized to work with all iPads, including iPad Air and iPad mini in landscape and portrait modes. The Compass 2 offers a locking rear leg for desktop use and a more FaceTime-friendly viewing angle.

What can Compass 2 do for you?

In the kitchen, set your iPad horizontally on Compass 2 to stream cooking videos or follow recipes. While you cook, Compass 2 elevates iPad off the counter, away from spills, flour and other ingredients. Move Compass 2 to your workshop and stream “how-to” videos with your iPad lifted above the sawdust, glue and other shop hazards.

Compass 2 has a hidden secondary leg that folds down, transforming it into a comfortable typing stand so you can tackle Pages documents, emails or your next blog post. Because of its small footprint, Compass 2 can be used virtually anywhere for almost anything. When you’re done, Compass 2 folds flat and stores inside its included travel sleeve, making it one of the most portable stands on the market.

The light and compact Compass 2 is vailable in iPad Silver, Tactical Black and Candy Apple Red for $39.99 at the Apple Store and

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