Rumor: Apple to release iOS 7.1 on March 15th with better Mobile Device Management

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Earlier this month, a number of sites reported Apple is going to release iOS 7.1 in March. Now, a new report from AppleInsider pinpoints exactly when the update will arrive: March 15th. The report also notes that in addition to bug fixes and UI enhancements, iOS 7.1 will bring better Mobile Device Management. MDM improvements would allow Apple to give educational, governmental and corporate entities the opportunity to configure settings for hundreds of iOS devices at once.

This would greatly simplify the downloading of apps that are expected to run on all devices, and configuration of general settings on all of the devices. With MDM, organizations will have much better control over their iOS devices so they can perform specific tasks much faster in regards to installation of apps and blocking certain features. The report mentions turning off cameras or blocking websites and app installation, which might come in handy for educational institutions.

Apple has released five betas to developers and is most likely ready to launch.

It is unclear if Apple will be holding an Apple TV event in March, as was previously expected, due to Comcast’s acquisition of Time Warner Cable and a rumored Apple TV deal falling through. Even so, it seems unlikely Apple was planning to launch a new Apple TV on such short notice on March 15th.

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