Apple updates “Your Verse” iPad page with new story

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Last month, Apple launched the “Your Verse” campaign to showcase the iPad Air being used effectively in a number of different locations and professions, complete with ads voiced by actor Robin Williams. Today, Apple posted a new “Your Verse” iPad page with a new story of how the iPad Air is being used in the field.

This new story shows mountaineers Adrian Ballinger and Emily Harrington as they scale mountain ranges, using the iPad to study terrain and weather patterns, plot routes, choose a camp site, and manage their supplies. The iPad has helped them to simplify these processes and doesn’t require them to carry maps and other accessories or gear.

Not long ago, they relied on outdated or inaccurate paper maps to inform their plan of attack. Sometimes maps of these areas didn’t even exist. But now with iPad and the Gaia GPS topography app, they can see remote mountain regions in great detail.

“Five years ago, it was hard to even get a paper map of some of these places. Now with the iPad it’s remarkable how much we can plan ahead,” said Ballinger.

The new page explains each part of their journey from the base to the summit and shows how the iPad was used along each of these steps.

It is impressive to see Apple using real stories about the iPad to market the device, as it shows customers in just how many places it is being used. The Your Verse campaign continues from Apple’s previous campaign, “Life on iPad” which also shows how the iPad has improved the lives of those that use it.

Via [MacRumors]

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