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People spend a lot of time worrying about, singing about and complaining about time. Know what all that is? It’s a waste of time…well, maybe not singing about it, because some of those songs were pretty good. A better thing to do with your time is make money with it so you can buy some of those songs. To help you keep track of how you’re making that money, kyoobed has given us ClockedIn 2 for iPad.

What is it?

ClockedIn 2 is a simple time tracking app that provides some powerful functionality while remaining diverse enough to cover multiple needs. It’s heavy enough to keep track of your time, projects and clients if you’re using it for work, but light enough to simply allow you to track how much time you spend helping your kids with their homework versus helping your kids watch Cartoon Network.


The simplicity comes from the fact that this all it does. ClockedIn 2 tracks time and displays the results. It doesn’t invoice or bill, it’s for management and simple reporting only.

How does it work?

ClockedIn 2 can access your Contacts and iCal to retrieve and push information, but it’s just as easy to get started without all of that. To start tracking a project, you simply hit the time display at the bottom left of the screen (in horizontal mode), then tap the Start Timer button. Time tracking begins at this point, but you can go in to tell ClockedIn 2 exactly what it’s tracking.

ClockedIn 2

Hitting the Edit button allows you to create a new project or assign a previous one. A customer or contact can be attached to the project, as well as an activity. There’s also room for custom notes to be applied. The whole process of creating a new project with all these details takes no more than a minute or two, so you don’t need to worry about losing time to the tracking process.

ClockedIn 2 then tracks the time you’re spending on the project, displaying it with the hours/minutes and percentage of time spent on the other day’s tasks on the right of the screen. Color coding (which you can set) separates the tasks, and those colors follow through to the various reports you can pull up. These allow you to view the time spent on a weekly or monthly basis, and you can customize the report by project.

ClockedIn 2

Any reports you want to send out can then be generated in PDF or HTML format to send via e-mail.

Is it contagious?

Well, no, but it’s very helpful. This is not an entire client tracking/billing app, it’s simply a time management program that doesn’t waste your time with functionality and complexity you may not need.

I would like to be able to pause a project without having to stop it and start it up again, and the UI could use an iOS 7 overhaul, but these are minor issues. A larger one is that many app users will likely overlook ClockedIn 2 because of its $7.00 sticker. It’s a fair price, but there’s a lot of competition coming in at $4.99 and lower. It would be a shame to miss ClockedIn 2 for your time tracking needs, because this really is an instance where getting a little less is worth more.

Category: Productivity
Seller: kyoobed, Inc.
Cost: $6.99
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