Slender Man Origins for iOS review

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Don’t look now, but there’s a Slender Man behind you. No, really, don’t look – just run away.

Slender Man Origins

The main goal of Slender Man Origins is to find some lost and frightened children while not being mind pummeled by the Slender Man. If you have enough presence of mind, you can force yourself to turn away from the Slender Man as soon as you see him and run away. This is your only defense.

If you stare too long at the Slender Man (about 2 or 3 seconds) you lose all volition, you get tunnel vision where all you can see is the Slender Man, and then you black out. You may be dead, or worse, and the blood stains on the Slender Mans shirt aren’t promising.

Slender Man Origins

There are three different control modes in Slender Man Origins: area control (the screen is sectioned for movement and viewing), joystick, and tap to move to a location. As you get closer to a child in need of rescue a small face will appear in the upper left corner of the screen. As you get close to the child, the face becomes more solid in appearance. When you are next to the child, tap him to rescue him. If the Slender Man is close by, your vision will start to blur at the edges. Plan your escape route quickly.

There are traps in the game, but it seems there are no warnings let alone any ways to deactivate them or escape from them.

Slender Man Origins

The graphics are fairly realistic, and the sounds suitably creepy and suspense-building. My gripes in this area are that the sound of your own footfalls don’t necessarily stop when you do (odd), and the motion of the image while you are walking around is like standing on a small boat in big waves. You do get to choose the ambiance of the game which is an interesting feature. Options include fog, rain, and nigth (sic).

Slender Man Origins

Spellcheck must have stopped working for the developers (the horror… the horror…).

Even though there are some moderately graphic (gory) images, there isn’t much real horror in this game—it’s more suspenseful than scary, as the Slender Man can show up anywhere and at any time. The game action is limited to walking around to find kids and running away from the boogie man.

As an addition to the franchise, Slender Man Origins not too bad. As a stand-alone app, it could use some help.

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Slender Man Origins review

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Requirements: iOS 4.0 or later
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Age Rating: 12+

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    this game is awsome