Appidemic: The King of Chicago for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

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Now that Scarface is in the old Greybar Hotel, there’s going to be a shake-up. If you want to come out on top, you’ll have to navigate the Chicago underworld.

King of Chicago

Watch your back.

What is it?

King of Chicago is an old Amiga system title brought back for the nostalgic types longing for a game which requires more than just tapping a screen. The game is set up like a mini movie with some mini games requiring skills ranging from simple timing (when to throw the bomb) to accountancy (how to balance your budget and your books).

King of Chicago

You will have to do some careful consideration to navigate the story to a point where you can be crowned with a crown, as opposed to a lead pipe. Bribes, cajoling, killing and business all mix in this seedy stew.

How does it work?

The iOS version of this game is, by necessity, touch screen driven (vs the original keyboard). As the story progresses you have to select the characters’ course of action by tapping a though bubble. If you don’t choose quickly enough, the game will choose for you. The graphics are dated and the sounds are more than a little beep oriented, but this is true to the original.

With all the choices to be made and possible outcomes, the game does have a lot of “Loading” and waiting going on, so if you are a bit on the impatient side this may be a bit frustrating. There is also the matter of the 29 page manual which outlines how to play.

King of Chicago

It’s a lot of reading considering this is a story game, not action.

Is it contagious?

At $1.99, the King of Chicago is a cheap slice of gaming history. It should be noted this game is not necessarily for the younger kids. The main theme is Chicago gangster life of the 1930s with the attendant alcohol, lady friend issues, crime, and murder (etc). The game play requires some plotting, and if you make a bad choice you can end up dead quickly. If you have the patience to play through a story as opposed to an action game, this one can keep you busy for hours in the Chicago version of a game of thrones.

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Seller: CW Entertainment USA, LLC
Cost: $1.99
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