iOS 7.0.6 adoption hits 13.3% in the U.S. within two days

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iOS 7.0.6

On Wednesday, mobile analytics firm Chitika confirmed that Apple’s iOS 7.0.6—which was released last week—hit a 13.3% adoption rate within 48 hours. Apple released iOS 7.0.6  to address an SSL vulnerability that made log-in information available to hackers on any open or public network. The latest update is already running on a number of iOS devices, including iPads and iPod touches. Chitika notes that iOS device users in North America will be adopting iOS 7.0.6 faster than most iOS updates, particularly because of its importance in patching the SSL vulnerability.

As soon as the updates were released for the iPhone, Apple TV, and Mac, I updated all of them to make sure that I wasn’t affected by the vulnerability; I use my devices on public networks all the time, as I do a lot of  work in Starbucks locations, on the subway in NYC, and other places with WiFi. iOS 7.0.6 was a smaller update that was rushed out by Apple, though the company is expected to release the larger iOS 7.1 update in mid-March.

In addition to Chitika’s 13.3% measure of iOS 7.0.6 adoption, the firm has also noted that version 7.0.4 accounted for 54.1% while iOS 7 as a whole accounted for 84% of all iOS devices. These numbers likely include devices that are updated in addition to devices that Apple sells and replaces at the Genius Bar as Chitika measures impressions on its ad network.

Via [AppleInsider]

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