Apple releases fix for Power Nap issues in 2013 Mac Pro

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Apple has been quite busy addressing the SSL vulnerability in iOS devices, Macs, and Apple TVs and has been working on several software updates for its devices. Late Wednesday, the company released a firmware update to address an issue with the Power Nap feature in the 2013 Mac Pro. The Mac Pro SMC Update 2.0 now allows a 2013 Mac Pro to go into Power Nap mode without utilizing the fan for every update.

Power Nap is a feature that allows your Mac to do things in the background, such as checking for new mail, calendar, and iCloud updates. Macs that are plugged into an outlet, such as the Mac Pro, can also conduct Time Machine backups to an AirPort Time Capsule and download OS X software updates as well.

This update is recommended for all Mac Pro (Late 2013) models. This update enables Mac Pro to enter Power Nap without running the fan for most Power Nap activities, and addresses a rare issue where a low-speed USB device may not be detected at boot.

Apple has been working on releasing several new updates for its products, including iOS 7.0.6, OS X 10.9.2, iOS 7.1, and several other individual app updates for both OS X Mavericks and iOS 7. The SMC update for the 2013 Mac Pro is available via Apple’s support site and through the Software Update tool in the Mac App Store. All users are urged to update.

Via [MacRumors]

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