The future of headphones is now—or just ahead, anyway—with Mo-Fi

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Blue Microphones has always done a fantastic job of getting audio from its source to your computer or whatnot, but now it seems they’re aiming to deliver that audio back to you. They’ve begun the tease for the Mo-Fi headphones, which they state offer “true mobile high fidelity.” We don’t know much more than that, but we’ve signed up to learn more, and so can you.

Here’s what we do know at this point. The purpose of the Mo-Fi headphones is to improve the fidelity of your music. They will launch this spring. Concept sketch 0079 looks like this:

Blue Mo-Fi

They will set your music free.

There’s no need to wait for us to tell you more about Mo-Fi; you can get exclusive previews and VIP content by signing up at You can also follow them on Twitter and—if you haven’t given up on it already—Facebook.

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