Stranded Without a Phone – Retina Edition for iOS review

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Your spaceship just crashed off the coast of a deserted tropical island. Too bad all you had on was your sweater, cowboy boots and tighty-whities. Start collecting stuff to survive and, hopefully, call for help…and maybe some pants.

Stranded Without A Phone

The basic goals of Stranded Without a Phone – Retina Edition are to collect edibles and liquids to survive, and to collect spare parts to build a phone so you can call for help and get rescued. Too bad you don’t have another six compatriots on this island to help you; you are all alone, Professor. As you walk around the island you can find and pick up food, rocks, sticks, minerals, even some duct tape and circuit boards. Tap on the “things you can make” icon and the game will show you what you need to make some handy tools such as a bow-and-arrow for hunting the wild boar, a fire pit, a water collector, etc.

Stranded Without A Phone

After you have collected the necessary parts and put them in your active inventory, just tap the finished item to start the build. When you tap a location you will walk to the selected spot and either notice or collect any interesting bits of stuff along the way.

The games graphics are cartoonish and clean, but the grid system makes the island layout a bit reminiscent of the old 90s strategy games. You can, of course, purchase some game aids with real money if you don’t like the pace of the game.

Stranded Without A Phone

Stranded Without a Phone may take some time with all the walking around and collecting stuff, but since you seem to be unable to die you have some time to organize your supplies. This is a fair offering which requires a good deal of planning and fetching, but the game does offer some good tutorial info. The only gripe I have is you lose points (hydration, nutrition, health) much faster than you can recover, which starts to feel like a no-win situation. Stranded Without a Phone could use a couple tweaks, but not bad overall.

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Stranded Without a Phone review

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Category: Games
Seller: Gilligames
Requirements: iOS 5.0 or later
Compatibility: iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
File Size: 66.4MB
Version Reviewed: 1.41
Price: Free (with in-app purchases)
Age Rating: 9+

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