Elgato Smart Key review

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Ever get that sinking feeling you’ve forgotten where your car keys are? Maybe to tend to lock yourself out of your house with the keys still inside. It’s embarrassing and awkward to seek out help, especially if this happens late at night. Fortunately, the people at Elgato have come up with a way to keep track of your keys and alert you if you stray too far away from them; the Smart Key along with a free app for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch will keep watch for you.


The Smart Key from Elgato is very simple in design—a disc that can be attached to any keyring. It has a large blue button used for connecting to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, as well as to turn off the built in alarm. It uses low energy Bluetooth to stay in contact, and has a replaceable battery (unlike some other smart key devices which you throw out when the battery gives out).

Elgato Smart Key

The Smart Key isn’t that expensive either. It can be bought today for only $39.95, and the app is free.

Real World Use

The Smart Key from Elgato is small and easily attaches to any keyring. They even supply a keyring in case you need one. The small size of the Smart Key means that it will not add much bulk when you slip your keys into your pants pocket.

Elgato Smart Key app

The free Elgato Smart Key app can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store. Once installed, you will have the opportunity to connect your Smart Key to your iPhone (4S or later), iPod touch (5th generation or later), iPad mini, or iPad (3rd generation or later). You must have your device running iOS7 or later.

Once connected, you can configure the app to treat the Smart Key for attachment to a key chain, for sitting in a car (useful if you forget where you park), or for being attached to other devices. You also have the ability to set up “safe zones” where you won’t get alerts if you move farther away from the Smart Key.

The app will show you the signal strength of the connection with the Smart Key to give you an idea of how far away you are.  It can also use GPS to navigate and pinpoint where it is in order to help you find it. If you’re out of range, the Smart Key will issue an audible alarm and continue to sound the alarm. When you (and your iDevice) are back together with the Smart Key, you simply press the blue button on the Smart Key to end the alarm. You can also trigger the alarm from the app which can be useful if your keys get lost in the cushions of a couch.


For the piece of mind that comes from knowing where things are and to have a system that will monitor and alert you, it makes sense to pick up the Smart Key from Elgato.

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Elgato Smart Key review

Buy the Elgato Smart Key

Provides: Item location assistance
Developer: Elgato
Minimum Requirements: iPhone (4S and later), iPod touch (5th gen and later), iPad mini, and iPad (3rd gen and later)
Price: $39.95
Availability: Now

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