X-Doria SmartStyle Patterns for iPad Air review

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SmartStyle Patterns for iPad Air

We all know how thin the iPad Air is by now, and how easy it is to handle and carry around. One of the first accessories iPad Air owners will purchase is a protective case. For some owners, they will want to keep with the design of the iPad Air and find a case that won’t add a lot of bulk and weight. The makers over at X-Doria have a full line of SmartStyle cases for the iPad Air, and we were given the SmartStyle Patterns case to see how it performs.


The X-Doria SmartStyle case is very simple in design. The case has a printed fabric cover that wraps around to the back. The printing on the cover gives it a subtle, three dimensional texture which makes it easier to grip and hold. The back of the case is a polycarbonate shell where the iPad Air snaps into place; there is no room for the iPad Air to move around or accidentally fall out of the case. The back of the case has openings for the rear camera, both top and rear microphones, headphone jack, screen lock/silence switch, data connection, and both speakers. The power button and volume buttons are covered, but can be pressed through raised buttons on the case itself.

SmartStyle Patterns for iPad Air

The front cover has built in magnets to enable the iPad to wake up when opened and sleep when closed. The magnets are not strong enough to keep the cover closed, however; for that, the SmartStyle case has an elastic band that can be stretched around the back of the case.

The inside of the front cover uses microfiber to protect the screen. It also has several ridges running down the middle of the cover. These ridges are there to be used when turning the case around to display the iPad Air upright.

SmartStyle Patterns for iPad Air

With the ridges, the iPad Air can be placed at many different viewing angles.

Real World Use

The SmartStyle case from X-Doria keeps to the theme set by the iPad Air. The case is simple in design offering good protection while not adding a lot of bulk and weight to the iPad Air. Having this case used with the iPad Air makes you appreciate how light and thin Apple’s products have become.

SmartStyle Patterns for iPad Air

My only concern for this case would be the use of an elastic band to keep the front cover closed. It is a simple solution to keep things light and minimal, but who knows how long it will be before that band will start loosing it’s elasticity. Fortunately, X-Doria offers a full 1 year warranty with their products.


If you’re looking for a simple, light, and thin case for your iPad Air, take a look at the SmartStyle cases from X-Doria. They offer many different designs and patterns to match your individual taste.  It’s a great way to protect your iPad Air and show off a little style at the same time.

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X-Doria SmartStyle Patterns iPad Air case review

Buy the X-Doria SmartStyle Patterns for iPad Air

Provides: Scuff/scratch and drop protection for iPad Air
Developer: X-Doria
Minimum Requirements: iPad Air
Price: $39.99
Availability: Now

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