iSkin Claro offers ultra-clear protection for iPhone 5/5s

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iSkin Claro

iSkin has been making quality accessories for Apple products pretty much from the time Apple reinvented mobile technology with the iPhone. Now, iSkin is reinventing clear protection with their new Claro ultra-clear case for iPhone 5/5s.

The Claro combines the clarity of a hard plastic case with the protective qualities of a soft-gel case, providing excellent shock and impact protection while not interfering with the iPhone 5s’ “forward thinking” design. Optically clear, flexible and stain and smear resistant, the Claro’s unique design protects your iPhone and its various buttons and ports if dropped, but also provides a secure grip so you won’t drop it in the first place.

In addition, iSkin has teamed up with the GearCare™ Accidental Damage Warranty Service to provide coverage that goes beyond Apple’s one year manufacture’s warranty.

With the Claro+GearCare combo, you get the Claro, a Titan High-Impact resistant screen shield and one year accidental damage warranty for your iPhone 5/5S. The warranty service offers up to five repairs (or a single replacement if necessary) for your device if it becomes accidentally damaged while protected by the Claro. Repair coverage includes screen damage, internal sensors and circuit damage, buttons and other system failure issues that may occur in the event of accidental drops.

The Claro GearCare Combos work with new and existing iPhone 5/5S devices and sell for $34.99. The Claro alone sells for $24.99. For more information, visit, although it may be a better idea to hit up their coupon page first.

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