Here’s a free way to ensure you never lose your iPhone charge

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iPhone battery dead“Never” may actually be a strong word, but if you tend to lose your iPhone charge because you forget to plug it in and often find yourself with a depleted battery at a critical moment, Softorino has a possible solution for you. It’s an app for OS X and Windows that takes those 20% and 10% charge warnings from your iPhone and displays them to your computer so you’re notified even when your iPhone is hidden from sight.

Provided both your iPhone and your computer are on the same WiFi network, iBetterCharge displays a notification on your desktop when your iPhone battery level is low. Multiple iOS devices sharing the network can automatically send their battery level to iBetterCharge.

This isn’t just handy for those who would otherwise tend to forget to charge their iPhones. Mine iPhone, for example, serves as my alarm clock and night, and is therefore charged every night in its speaker dock. However, it and the iPad are often used by the kids throughout the day, and iBetterCharge would let me know when they’ve drained the battery too early.

iBetterCharge has its own design, but will be instantly familiar to the hundreds of millions of Mac & Windows users around the world. It also provides 4 different options for when to send low battery alerts. Softorino claims, the tiny app is “revolutionary” because differing from the typical Laptop and iPhone battery notifiers — there’s nothing in between. It’s available for Free on OS X & Windows.

iBetterCharge is available now for free, although the download server was down at press time. For more information on iBetterCharge, visit

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