mPact Glass screen protection for iPad Air review

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I think I have a new favorite screen protector for touchscreen devices. I’ve tried many, from the generic ones that ship with cases to some that require water bottles and mini-squeegees to apply to one that sparkles. But of all the screen protectors I’ve used, I’ve never had one that completely disappeared into the screen it’s protecting quite as well as the mPact Glass from designed by m.

mPact Glass for iPad Air

The mPact Glass is cut from a single sheet of glass and is held in place with a strong, residue-free adhesive. The edges are chamfered to provide a smooth, comfortable touch when holding your iPad Air, but I can’t image that would be much of an issue anyway, considering the mPact Glass is so thin. And when applied, designed by m claims it provides screen protection three times stronger than others on the market…although they don’t actually specify which others.

The mPact Glass ships with the screen protector, an alcohol cleaning cloth, a microfiber cloth, an applicator and four epoxy covered home buttons (more on those later).

mPact Glass for iPad Air

To apply the mPact Glass, you’ll first want to use the cleaning cloth to remove dust, fingerprints, smudges and such. It did a very good job of this, although I did have my wife follow up with the microfiber cloth to remove a few more dust particles that landed on the screen after I’d peeled the backing away from the screen protector.

The mPact Glass itself is bendable, but is much more rigid than most screen protectors you’ve likely applied. This actually makes it easier to apply, as you don’t have to worry about it flopping down onto the screen. I aligned the Glass at the bottom over the home button, and then smoothed it toward the top with the applicator. This pushed out the bubbles, but I found it slightly misaligned when I got to the top, so I had to pull it back and start again. No worries about that, as it went right back down just as easily, and properly aligned this time. A few bubbles remained that top, but I was able to peel the top back just enough to push them out, and the final result was a 100% bubble free installation right away.

Once applied, the mPact Glass really does disappear into the iPad Air. The only anomaly is a small discoloration around the home button, which I’ll assume is a finger or thumb print.

mPact Glass for iPad Air

The only place you can really feel that there’s a screen protector on your iPad Air is around the home button, which now feels further recessed. It’s not uncomfortable, but if it does bother you, you can apply one of the four home buttons. They’re well-made, but their bubble-like quality made them look like children’s craft stickers to me, so I left them off. I’m not docking the product for that, of course, just pointing out why you don’t see one in the image above.

The antibacterial mPact Glass provides a very smooth surface for pinching and swiping. There are no “rainbow” discolorations, and the the glass prevents smudges better than your iPad screen would. Even more impressive, the anti-glare and UV coating doesn’t detract too much from the brightness of your iPad screen. And if the mPact Glass should be hit hard enough to break (it’s glass, after all, and is meant to break so your screen won’t), the shatterproof film prevents sharp slits that could lead to cuts.

Aside from my petty complaint about the home button stickers, there’s nothing to dislike about the mPact Glass from designed by m. It goes on easily, it leaves no bubbles or discoloration behind, and it’s easy to remove if you no longer want its protection (or if its done its job and now needs to be replaced). At $60.00, it’s one of the more expensive screen protection options out there, but your iPad is one of the more expensive screens. Isn’t it worth a little more protection?

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mPact Glass screen protection for iPad Air review

Buy the mPact Glass screen protector for iPad Air

Provides: Antibacterial, shatterproof screen protection
Developer: designed by m
Minimum Requirements: iPad Air (also available for iPhone and iPad mini)
Price: $59.99
Availability: Now

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