It’s Godzilla vs. Match 3 gameplay in Godzilla Smash3 for iOS, Android

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Godzilla Smash3

And…there it is. Earlier this month, I offered 6 reasons why we hate your movie tie-in app. Although it spoke of blockbuster movie tie-ins in general, it was centered on the coming release of Godzilla from Legendary Pictures. The number two reason we hate movie tie-in apps is because they’re match-three games, and hey! Here comes Godzilla Smash3!

Now, listen…my snarky cynicism aside, the game is being developed by Pipeworks Software, and they have quite a bit of experience with Godzilla games. In addition, the combination of match-three puzzle mechanics with RPG-style progression is oddly addictive, as has been proven by titles such as Puzzle Quest and the crazy-popular Puzzle & Dragons. So, we’ll give Godzilla Smash3 the benefit of the doubt, and at least be thankful it isn’t an endless runner or hidden object game.

Godzilla – Smash3 complements the iconic character’s epic cinematic rebirth, putting the powerful force of the ‘King of the Monsters’ into gamers’ hands like never before. Players take full control of each stomp, slash and bite by matching – or “smashing” – tiles on the lower portion of the screen. Their actions drive a fully 3D Godzilla, who will demolish battalions and sink ships. With enough skill, players can unleash Godzilla’s signature Nuclear Breath and combine tiles for devastating combos.

As players pursue Godzilla’s foes from the upcoming film, they’ll travel the world and face dozens of challenges across land, sea and air. To keep pace with new objectives in each stage, players can upgrade Godzilla to match their play-style and call upon friends in times of need.

See? At least they know it’s nuclear breath and not fire, so they’ve got a firm grasp of the source material. And hey, the shots of Godzilla destroying stuff look pretty good, right?

Godzilla – Smash3 will be available for free on May 16 for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices, and that means it’ll likely have in-app purchases, too. We’ll let you know as we find out more, as the developers are planning “… monster-sized reveals and new content, about Godzilla – Smash3 in the coming months.”

In the meantime, check out for more information on Godzilla.

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