iOS 7.1 creates WiFi hotspot and battery drain issues for some users

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ios-7-2-xlApple officially released iOS 7.1 early last week, and despite rigorous testing and several betas, the update came with a set of problems and difficulties. This is not out of the norm, as the initial iOS 7 release was followed by numerous updates to fix bugs and issues, so one should not panic if facing problems after updating.

Starting with the WiFi hotspot feature, it seems users who updated to iOS 7.1 are experiencing problems saving APN settings for personal hotspots. Users are reporting the APN settings vanished as soon as they upgraded from iOS 7.0.6. Even entering the settings manually results in error, which is becoming a problem from users who rely on hotspot feature. It’s not just a few of them, but Apple support communities have threads full of users reporting this issue.

The second problem is with the battery. Apple community forums are being bombarded by users who are experiencing faster battery drains when compared to iOS 7.0.6. Some users on the forums are suggesting to perform a clean install of iOS 7.1 on the device to solve this issue.

Not everyone is experiencing these issues, but if you are, you should know you aren’t alone. We’re hoping Apple will soon push out another update to fix  these issues, and will let you know when it’s available.

Via [MacRumors, 9to5Mac]

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  • David

    I own several iOS devices and I didn’t have any problems with my iPad 4 or my wifes iPad 3 however, my iPad Mini w/Retina Display bricked. My battery drains very quickly on my iPhone 4S and on top of that, I randomly get the ringer screen locked onto my screen. When typing I have to hope I’m hitting the correct keys.

  • Vincent

    Biggest piece of crap update Apple has released. I have had enough with their overpriced products, with crappy battery, bugs, and updates that seem to make the battery worst. My next phone will probably be a Samsung. My phone drains so fast now, I have to bring my charger everywhere. Go to hell Apple.