China Mobile added 1 million iPhone users in February

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iphone_5s_5cChine Mobile, the world’s largest mobile carrier, began offering the iPhone to its subscribers in mid-January. Recently, China Mobile Chief Executive Li Yue confirmed the carrier added one million iPhone users last month—an impressive number for both China Mobile and Apple.

“We added 1.34 million new 4G users in February and most of them are iPhone users. We are happy with the progress as we are still building our 4G network and the coverage is only available in some major cities,” China Mobile Chairman Xi Gouhua told The Wall Street Journal.

China Mobile has a user base of over 700 million customers. Before the launch, several analysts predicted the availability of the iPhone in China could turn out to be a good thing for Apple, and suggested the number of units sold will land between 15 to 30 million. Apple revealed it has sold 472.3 million smartphones in total as of January 2014, with the number residing at 51 million for the Q1 of 2014.

Rumors have been circulating that Apple is working on a new iPhone 6 with a bigger form factor, which is expected to see the light of the day later this year, possibly in September.

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